Having oily skin is such a horrible thing and only those people can feel this that has oily skin. There are plenty of factors that lead to this factor like climate of your region, diet, stress, and more. You face increased sebum every time. Some people rinse their skin frequently just to get rid of this sebum or excess oil, but it also leads to loss of natural oil which is necessary for the elasticity of your skin. What to do then? Of course a simple and effective skincare routine is your solution. It should start from cleaning and end at retinol. Beauty market is flooded with a number of magical products that you can add to your beauty routine if you have oily skin. We will discuss some important things in this article that helps to create a wonderful skincare routine. Couponksa.com is giving Saudi girls an amazing opportunity to get discount on the entire stock of shower, skin, and hair products by using Bath and Body Works KSA promo code. Let’s talk about some important skincare steps that are suitable for oily skin type.

Gentle Cleansing:

A foam-based cleanser is the key for your oily skin type. Every skincare routine starts with cleansing and you should consider an effective cleanser. Our choice is Aveeno Foaming Cleanser which is not only effective but inexpensive. This cleanser has minimum dose of salicylic acid that cleanses your skin without causing any irritation or redness.

Lightweight Moisturizer:

Instead of grabbing thick lotions or creams, we recommend you to use a lightweight gel or water-based moisturizer. After cleansing your skin, you must use a moisturizer to protect the natural moisture barrier of your skin. For this purpose, you can select Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Cream which is a combination of niacinamide. This product is free of silicone and oil.

Mild Exfoliant:

After completing the above two steps, it is a perfect time to exfoliate your skin. Look for those exfoliants that contain glycolic acid. We asked certified dermatologists about the best exfoliant and they recommended the Drunk Elephant Night Serum. Take gain of Bath and Body Works KSA promo code from couponksa.com and fill your beauty kit with amazing products without emptying your pocket.

Apply a Complete Coat of SPF:

To protect your skin from sun and other environmental aggressors, coat your skin with any SPF-based sunscreen. It is a key step in any skincare regimen no matter what type of your skin. We love to share SkinMedica SPF-47 Sunscreen with you because it provides broad spectrum protection from sunburn and other damages.

Use Retinol:

Any retinol-based product helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Differin Acne Treatment Gel is a tried-and-true retinol-based product for oily skin type. Want to save money on a range of beauty products? If yes, then visit couponksa.com regularly to explore amazing offers and deals like Bath and Body Works KSA promo code and save some cash on each product.