Until a few decades ago, jewelers did not even know that black diamonds come in colors ranging from olive green to pitch black. Thankfully, due to extensive research in the past few years, people have finally realized the value of these rare stones. Researchers have discovered that these rare form diamonds get their unique spectrum of colors because they contain massive quantities of various minerals in minute components. Some of the elements of Black Diamonds include – pyrite, graphite, and hematite. These heavy minerals are present in every stone, giving these Diamonds unique fractures. These fractures retain a unique blackish color due to years of graphitization.

Know the Quality

People planning to purchase Black Diamond Rings need to know about the stone’s concentration. Countless internal features determine a Black Diamond’s overall quality and value. Don’t confuse coloration with opaqueness. You can differentiate these stones based on their luster. Your stone should have a metallic appearance irrespective of how unique its cut is. Yes, cutting Black Diamonds is difficult. Polishing them is more onerous. But, their resilience shouldn’t encourage manhandling. You need to maintain these stones with care to maintain their fine black color. Black diamonds can be the most beautiful part of your gemstone collection. However, with distinctive aesthetic appeal, comes great responsibility.

Buying Black Diamond

Unlike other types of diamonds, the demand for Black Diamonds in the marketplace is relatively low, making them quite affordable. However, you need to purchase your Black Diamond rings and jewelry sets from experienced jewelry from experienced sellers who know how to treat them. In unexperienced hands, Black Diamonds may look gray as they don’t know how to induce the elusive color. You need to avoid steam whenever you’re wearing a Black Diamond ring. To make the most of these gemstone’s dramatic beauty, become an informed buyer!