Engagement Ring is the symbol of love in a relationship. Partners who want to spend their lives together exchange rings and then get married. Although rings are made up of metals and stones, their value is a way more than that. As rings hold great sentiments and emotions they are very important. Thus choosing the perfect ring becomes very difficult as you do not only want a ring which is beautiful but also a ring which makes you connect with it. A ring contributes goodness to your life tremendously; you just need to choose the perfect ring wisely.

Morganite: whats its made of

Morganite is a kind of beryl that appears in beautiful pink hues. The variety ranges from pale pink to light purple shades. Morganite rings are captivating and very fascinating as they appear in the shades of pink. The Morganite gemstone is paired with various bands such as gold bands rose gold bands, and even platinum bands. It is also paired with other valuable stones to make it look more beautiful. This ring is a dream come true ring for many women. A ring with which you can connect for a lifetime is definitely a Morganite ring as it is beautiful and filled with other virtues as well.

Why you should go for it?

The Morganite rings are very affordable as compared to diamond rings. Instead of spending dollars of money on a tiny diamond piece, smart brides these days are investing a comparatively small amount of money to buy a pretty lustrous Morganite ring. If you are a person who wants to go with the trend and still stand-alone among others, then Morganite rings are the best option for you. Morganite makes a great alternative to diamonds. When you compare it on the Mohs scale of Hardness, it stands in between 7.5 to 8 whereas diamond comes on 10. It means Morganite is sturdy enough and if you properly take care of Morganite engagement ring then it will sparkle for a lifetime. Hence Morganite rings are a once but long term investment. The maintenance is very easy as you just need to clean it with warm soapy water and have the shine and sparkle back just like before.

Journey of Morganite

In the early 1900s, this stone was accidentally discovered in California and in Madagascar thereafter. Until 1911 this crystal was known as pink Beryl when at the suggestion of the chief gemologist at Tiffany & co., Sir George F. Kind, the crystal was renamed as Morganite in the honor of a legendary gem collector sir J.P Morgan, for his geological and mineral contribution. And such the pink crystal got its name while it was admired and sold the most during the late ‘20s.

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How Morganite helpful in healing?            

The pink Morganite is similar to the morning rays of the sun. Just like the Sunlight, Morganite gemstone brings light into our life. It fulfills us with rays of hope and brings positivity in our thoughts. The brilliant shine of Morganite provides us with calmness so that we deal with various problems of life in a better manner. It makes us compassionate and empathetic. Our approaches to life become more positive and enlightening. It will bring happiness, harmony, and prosperity in life to make us live a life of well-being. With more empathy and gentlemen we become able to form beautiful relationships.

Morganite engagement rings are believed to encourage fairness, fair treatment of other people. A person who suffers from emotional traumas and has emotional issues, Morganite helps in dealing with these problems. It is a soothing crystal for people having a physical illness. Wearing Morganite gemstone will help you be fair to others, improve communication, and personal expression. It will also help relieve stress and help you understand other people.

Morganite engagement rings have the soothing energy to make us enable and empower to deal with emotional traumas and understand deep emotions.  Apart from opening the Heart chakra and helping people to overcome negative feelings of anger and fear, it is great for stabilizing emotional fields.  If something goes unexpected, instead of being angry and devastated by this, Morganite will help you overcome bad situations.

This stone will transform your negativity and by activating loving thoughts, you will find a solution to your problem. Morganite takes our life towards a journey that is calm and beautiful and it gives us hope for a great future. You become able to form loving relationships.

Health Benefits of Morganite

It’s scientifically proven that some substances with correct fitting on several metals are very effective in health. Morganite works like a charm for those who have stress-related issues and those who have mental illnesses. It gives them the energy to become calmer and it also encourages them to fairly treat others keeping aside the feelings of insecurities and jealousy.

It is an ideal crystal for realizing the equality in all relationships, and in developing effective but loving communication and expression.

These Morganite engagement rings are particularly supportive of girls entering puberty who do not have a mother, and for younger women struggling with eating disorders. It also quiets stress, relieves pressure to perform, and reduces the pattern of avoidance and “running away” from situations. On the physical front, Morganite assists the larynx, tongue, thyroid gland, and aids in treatments for vertigo and impotence. It is excellent to treat asthma, tuberculosis as well as lung-related disease.


This crystal attracts the abundance of love into one’s life and assists in maintaining that love as it continues to grow. Morganite brings positivity in your life which makes you a peaceful person who is free from all kinds of negative thoughts. As it helps you understand emotions deeply, your relationships become more strong and loving. Morganite helps you in finding your soul mate with whom you can spend your life with pleasure. Morganite stone enlightens your life in so many ways be it healing from illness or dealing with problems. The love crystal makes your feelings as pure and clean as itself and makes your life heavenly.