India is a melting pot of cultures, rituals, religions, cuisines, art forms, languages, and dialects. The world admires India’s flexibility, and many tourists flock to the subcontinent because of its vast diversity. Gold plays a significant role in such a diversified culture. The purchase of gold is unavoidable in the countless festivals that each of us celebrates.

While we all enjoy purchasing gold jewellery, it gets strongly recommended that you complete the transaction after conducting thorough research on the latest jewellery trends. In the past, households were dependent on jewellers for necklace and other jeweller recommendations. But the online mode today lets you explore at your time, organise your budget, and understand your preferences. But this makes us realise do jewellery pieces require so much research.

South Indian necklace design and other ornaments are heavier and traditionally patterned. Still, with the rise of millennial women and their growing interest in Indian gold jewellery, designers worldwide have altered their styles to fit the new age women style. Here are some of the latest jewellery trends for this season:


Use of beads, coral & rare nature-inspired stones:


Fine jewellery is no longer simply about precious stones or diamonds. It incorporates rare natural elements and brings a new viewpoint to jewellery creation. Jewellery trends generally combine corals, natural beads, tourmalines, Russian morganites, and naturally occurring stones with gold. Every piece made with beads has a natural element to it.

Rare combinations


Have you ever considered using diamonds and pearls or minimal gold and bold beads? If not, now is the time. Colour combinations that were once frowned upon are now highly sought after and considered a luxury. Experimenting with different colour palettes has become the new standard. Pastel coloured dresses are also worn with various designs of necklace made of pearls and diamonds since they are modest, simple, and warm.

Designer jewellery


Unlike conventional goldsmiths, new era designers are qualified, trained, and knowledgeable about the elements of gold and passionate about their work. Geometric designs, asymmetric skews, and ultra-trendy reflective jewellery are a few of India’s current jewellery trends. The bespoke designs are becoming increasingly popular among millennial women to express themselves.

Gold chokers


Another fast-moving item in today’s times is the gold choker. They are all you could wish for: simple yet bold, subtle yet fashionable. Gold chokers popping out from the 1960s have made a resurgence under the latest jewellery trends, whether for occasions, big fat Indian weddings, or casual occasion.

Enamel jewellery


The enamel jewellery designs, been there since Mughal Empire, are elaborate and lovingly painted in vibrant blues, gorgeous reds, and vivid greens. Enamel jewellery has gained popularity in recent years owing to its striking appearance. Kundan, gold, and enamel paints are used for creating bridal gold jewellery. They form a considerable part of online jewellery shopping these days.

Traditional jewellery with a twist


The sparkle of traditional jewellery has never faded. Traditional gold jewellery with a modern twist is becoming more popular. For example, a Kasulaperu was used as a Haram, but today the traditional Lakshmi Kasulaperu is reinvented as a necklace, a modern take on classic jewellery.

Lightweight gold bangles


Jewellers have created a selection of lightweight designs inspired by the millennial woman’s preference for a minimalist lifestyle. Some prominent trends are threaded bangles with a gold finish in the centre, light 18-carat gold and diamond jewellery, and the utilisation of rose gold and white gold. They are in trend when you shop jewellery online on popular websites.

Bringing multi-utilisation into jewellery


Today’s women prefer wearing jewellery to its full potential than storing it in lockers. As a result, jewellers have created two-in-one, three-in-one, and five-in-one jewellery that you can wear in different ways. For instance, wear a choker as a Vanki and interchangeable Jhumkis with a single top and five-in-one Vaddanam.