There is no denying the allure and beauty of raw crystals and Raw crystal jewelry. Spiritualists who start with one often find themselves getting drawn to the energy of many others. Before you know it, you have gathered an impressive collection of different raw crystals. Anyone who has relied on the raw natural power and energy of their crystals will begin to notice some changes after a while.

When the aura surrounding them has started to feel off and different, it is a sign that they need cleansing and recharging.

Why Do Crystals Need Cleansing

Raw crystal jewelry is passed on from one person to another while they are being made. Every time someone touches them, a part of that person’s energy latches onto the crystal, which can dampen and change its energy. Other times, when the raw crystals are left to absorb any negative energy in a certain space, they harbor the negativity which needs cleansing.

A Guide To Raw Crystal Cleansing

It is important to regularly clean and recharge all of the crystals you may have with you. Here are a few tips to help you care for your crystals:

Tip 1: Sea Salt

A mixture of sea salt and water is one of the easiest ways to cleanse your stones. However, reserve this technique for stones that aren’t brittle. Simply soak the crystal in the sea salt and water mixture overnight to get rid of any bad energy it might harbor. Adding a few drops of basil or sage oil adds to the cleansing power of the water.

Tip 2: Running Water

Running water has a wonderful effect on raw crystals. The best way to do this is to run the water over the crystal and put all of your positive intentions toward the crystal that is being cleansed. Asking the Universe to get rid of all its negativity and imagining a pure white light surrounding the stone while it is under running water helps in recharging it as well.

Tip 3: Using Other Stones

There are naturally cleansing and recharging stones like Clear Quartz. Use these stones to help clear away the bad energy that has clung to the other crystals. To do this, just place the crystal that needs cleansing inside a bag with the cleansing stone for a few nights and that is it!

Tip 4: Sage

Lighting sage is a great way to get rid of stagnant energy that is trapped inside a house or a room. The same ritual can be done on raw crystals for cleansing. Putting good intentions such as protection and health for you and your family also helps in giving the crystals more positive energy that you can benefit from when they have been cleansed and recharged.

Good And Pure Intentions

Anytime you are cleansing and recharging raw crystals you must always have pure intentions. When you try to recharge stones while in a bad mood, they will absorb all the negativity making the cleansing ritual useless. Be at peace and to wish for all the best when cleansing stones so that they too remain pure and powerful for long.

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