It seems that everyone has forgotten the real meaning of giving and receiving gifts. When you enter a gift shop, you see plenty of writings which says “for your special one” or “for Dad” etc. When you watch TV, you come across numerous advertisements that tell the same thing what people want. Our wants are enormous. We want endless things to happen in our lives. So also, about the gifts. We want numerous gifts to give as well as more gifts to receive. Just reflect your childhood. Your wants were unlimited in relation to gifts on your birthday. No matter what gifts you received. What mattered was what gifts you wanted. You were often disappointed if you did not receive the gifts you wanted and would put aside the gifts which you did not want in your birthday or Christmas. Some children would go to the extent of saying their parents that they would love to receive so and so gifts on the occasion. Get the best gifts from Concept Plus for your children and dear ones for the upcoming festive season.

What we want and what we actually need is different. You may want a computer as a gift for the Christmas, but you actually need socks and sweater. Irrespective of age, often we ask for what we want ignoring what we need. In Christmas, we assume that we want so and so things and bring them. But finally, those things turn out to be ridiculous because we do not need them. 

When you ask your, children, what they want to bring for Christmas, they will give you a long list of things. If you happen to reject some of the things from the list, the children would agitatedly request to include the things they want which would be used for once in Christmas. On the other hand, if you ask them what their needs are, most of them answer they will tell a little later. The interesting thing is when you ask about their wanting, you immediately get the answers for things most of which are useless, and when you ask about the needs, everybody takes time to think.

As we grow, we become matured and look for less fun and useless things. We compare the wanting and need. This also happens when we choose gifts. Often, we forget about the need of the receiver and give priority to what we want to give. The real meaning behind a gift is the need of the receiver and not what we want to gift him or her.