While the human body is prone to generate odours, no one wants to smell bad whether you are hitting the gym, attending a business meeting or catching up with friends. There are so many products to eliminate or subdue body odour, but nothing is more effective than a good deodorant. Selecting the best deodorant for men is not always an easy task. The best deodorant should not only eliminate body odour and make you smell good but also it should be gentle on the skin and it definitely should not leave marks on your clothes. 

Experts at abovethecollar.com.au have collected the 4 best smelling men’s deodorants in Australia that are formulated for sensitive and normal skin:

Best Men’s Deodorant in Australia

Baxter of California Deodorant 75g

To kill odour-causing bacteria, this deodorant’s formula includes tea tree and witch hazel. This aluminium-free men’s deodorant is suitable for sensitive skin. It has a light, pleasant scent that lasts a long time. Furthermore, this natural deodorant is non-staining and does not harm clothing.

No. 607 Depot 200ml Sport Refreshing Body Spray  

This aromatic body spray for men that has a sweet, gingery, and cardamom scent is the right choice. The spray provides multiple benefits, including hydrating, toning, and refreshing the skin, thanks to its low alcohol content. The spray can also be used to refresh the face after shaving. 

Payot Homme Optimale 24 Hour Roll-on Deodorant 75ml Payot Homme 

This deodorant is a combination of antiperspirant and freshener that keeps sweat at bay all day. This deodorant is designed with an ergonomic roll-on applicator for easy application. Since it is free of alcohol, it is ideal for all skin types except for skin that has damaged properties.

Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Natural Deodorant Paste Barrier Booster 75g 

Axilla Barrier Booster contains a natural formula making it one of Australia’s best natural men’s deodorants. It’s made up of botanical extracts and pure essential oils that work together to create a protective barrier for the skin while also improving sensitivity. It’s especially good for skin that doesn’t produce enough protective oils or is prone to irritation or inflammation.

Advantages of Using Men’s Deodorant

Men’s deodorants, without a doubt, are less expensive and efficient over time. In Australia, many deodorants in men’s skincare packs contain a variety of ingredients and have scents that last for more than four hours. As a result, you won’t have to use deodorant every hour. Men who sweat a lot and need complete odour protection will find natural anti-odour agents in deodorants designed specifically for the male body. 

Additionally, researchers at the University of Stirling in Scotland discovered that women were more attracted to men that possessed a masculine appearance and who used deodorant. Women as part of the study rated male participant subjects who had varying degrees of facial masculinity according to the odour they produced as a result of not applying deodorant. Later on, the same male participant subjects applied deodorant and the same women rated the male group. Intriguingly, males who previously scored low on masculinity increased their attractiveness whereas those who previously scored high on masculinity neither enhanced nor detracted their masculine appeal if they did not apply deodorant. Accordingly, the study highlights men who might not necessarily be “attractive” or “masculine” can use deodorant to make themselves appear more attractive and masculine.

Why do men think they need deodorant? 

Most men do not want to emit a foul odour in the gym or at a social gathering. Men should perspire and emit odours as nature intended but, excessive body odour can make a man feel embarrassed in front of others. To maintain self-esteem and well-being, men should manage and minimalise their body odour where possible. 

Furthermore, in the case of antiperspirant deodorants, if men do not use these their sweat glands will continue to function unencumbered, leading to increased sweating. Bacteria will be able to thrive in these damp armpits. Bacteria present in the armpits can cause a variety of rashes. These rashes can be extremely itchy and painful. Moreover, bacterial infections can be potentially lethal if left untreated.

Men should apply deodorant or antiperspirant to their sweat glands at least once a day to keep their armpits odour and bacteria-free.