The skincare industry is a lucrative industry. Even when you think you’re not spending much on makeup, other parts of your skincare routine may be contributing to the millions in sales that the industry generates each year. No one can blame you, though. When the outcome is you have clearer and more beautiful skin, who wouldn’t be willing to spend, right? 

But before you go ahead and buy hundreds of products for your face, remember this: quality is better than quantity. 

Getting the Essentials 

If you’re new to skincare, it would not be recommended to fill your cart with products you don’t know how to use. Overwhelming your skin with layers of products all at once may do more harm than good. And it will be harder to realize the problem, too. When you move too quickly from no skincare to a 17-step routine, your skin will not be able to adjust and you may have a breakout. Worse, you may misinterpret this as the product not working well, which means you won’t use it anymore. That means wasted money and nothing good to show for it. 

Understanding Your Features

Your skincare needs may not be the same as that of your best friend or even your siblings. Genetics can only help so much when understanding your skin. Some have oily skin while others have dry skin. You may even have a combination skin type. Each type requires a different set of products and if you don’t understand that, you may unknowingly subject your skin to the wrong products. Even the makeup products you use also depend on your skin tone. The same foundation, lipstick shade, and blush will look different on people depending on whether they have cool or warm undertones. Even that eyebrow makeup for sale you’re eyeing needs some careful thinking. Make sure it’s a shade that will complement your hair color and frame your face without looking severe. 

Trying Expensive Samples 

If you’ve ever bought skincare products, you’ve noticed how wide the price range is. One moisturizer may be affordable, while another may cost three times as much. This has something to do with the brand, but more importantly, it’s because you’re paying for the formulation that the company developed to create a product that will be good and gentle for your skin. This is why it’s wise to go for those samples, to try the compatibility of a certain expensive product on your skin without shelling out money immediately. If you go through the sample without negative reactions, and if you notice an improvement in your skin, that’s the time to buy a full-sized product. 

Consulting a Doctor 

Some people have skin that can take the heavy layers of makeup, but others can’t. You may have better skin if you use fewer but more potent creams, while another person may get the best results if they use multiple mild products. A visit to a dermatologist will help you figure this out, and they can also detect any skin problems that might need treatment. Rosacea and other skin sensitivities may be preventing you from wearing the makeup looks you want, and you’ll never manage these problems if you continue prioritizing quantity instead of quality and expert advice. 

There are a lot of ways to care for your skin. One thing that you shouldn’t do, however, is use all the products just because you think it’s better to load up on them to get the best results.