With so many benefits for the mind and body, a ton of people are now flocking over to crystal shops to get their own. These crystals that are being sold are known to do a lot of things, and depending on your needs, you might have to buy specific ones to get the best results. Online crystal shops in Australia sell the best products in the market; from those that can cleanse yourself from negativity and unlock your chakras, you can find anything here.

However, before anything else, here are some pointers you can use to identify fake ones.

Unusual and strange names

Before you buy crystals online in Australia, there are a couple of criteria you have to explore. One of the first things we would like to point out is the names. You should be wary of some that have weird and unsettling names. Stones and crystals should have varying and creative names, but they shouldn’t in any way deviate from what they truly look like. The names can be corny and wacky as long as they represent what the crystal truly does.

For starters, only go for crystals for sale that are named normally.

Bright and striking colors

Online crystal shops in Australia shouldn’t be selling dyed crystals at all. However, there’s really no indication that you can depend on when verifying if the crystal you’re interested in is dyed. You can try to avoid those that look very bright and striking because the chances of them being dyed are quite high. Retailers often do this to mask the original crystal because, most of the time, they don’t really sell that much, so they repurpose them to gain more traction and sales.

Perfect patterns

Another thing that you can look out for is symmetrical and almost perfect patterns. There are online crystal shops in Australia that do this, but most of the time, they don’t really showcase everything when they list it on their shop’s website. This trick is very bad, and we hope that you don’t feel for them.

As much as possible, we recommend shopping only at physical stores so that you can check what crystals you want specifically and so that you can easily return them in case they don’t satisfy you.

Crystals are amazing trinkets and charms that help anyone with their struggles and also success. Different crystals produce different results, so there’s no universal item that can fit everyone’s needs. With the booming crystal industry, it’s only normal to get across counterfeit items and fake ones that don’t really do anything.

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