I don’t know who enjoys my children’s birthdays more, me or them! What is certain is that the emotions begin to generate weeks before the event, when the planning is taking place.

And we have to admit it, it is becoming more and more difficult to surprise our little ones, as they get smarter by growing up and the surprise factor disappears.

If your child’s birthday is near,https://giftsmarket.co/best-gifts-for-professors/share five ideas that have worked for me to give that extra to your next family celebration:

If your birthday boy is a little older and he has asked you for a meeting with friends, tell him yes but let him believe that it is another date. Invite all his friends and prepare a surprise party at home, ask for support from a family member to take him for a walk while you set up the place and receive the guests. An unexpected meeting is wonderful for guys. Keep it simple with the menu, the cake and pizza is a guaranteed hit.

On one occasion I asked the mother of my best friend to lend me her son and her little sister, my little girl’s friend. The Friday before my son’s birthday I passed the four children to school and with everything and uniform we went to a pizzeria where they played, sang and celebrated with lots of laughter among best friends. Totally unexpected!

Big parties are being used less and less and there are companies that coordinate theme parties for small groups. We recently went to one for only 10 girls at the home of the celebrant; the theme was a fashion toy and the whole event took place around it and the girls were happy, while the moms talked at the nearby table. A small party where the budget paid for things that the birthday girl and her mother wanted, the guests came out happy and surprised!

Ask your little one what their favorite character is and look for the gift they most want for their birthday, but don’t tell them when you get it. The day of his birthday you can cover it so that he does not know what it is and he enjoys opening the gift on behalf of his whole family. You will surprise him!

How about a different awakening? You can prepare the night before his birthday a huge amount of balloons, which you can spill on the floor of his bed when he is asleep, when he wakes up he will find a pool of balloons at the foot of his bed, imagine his happy face! To this you can add a breakfast in bed with pancakes or whatever your little one likes the most.

The expenses of the parties are always usually out of budget, so that this does not happen to you, prepare at least a month and a half before so that you can save and value what type of celebration your little one wants, there are options in different price ranges such as pools, hall parties, home parties, group movies. The important thing is that your little one has fun with the people he loves the most. Prepare surprises and have fun!