Make sure that your space is comfortable and warm before you begin your intimate massage. Remember, your partner is going to be naked, so the room should be warm and cozy, too. Use a lubricant that allows your hands to glide smoothly across their body. Massage oil that can be licked is also a good idea, especially on delicate areas. Start at the top and work your way down. Once you’ve mastered the art of erotic massage you’ll be able to work as a qualified masseuse. London is a great place for anyone who wishes to start a profession as a tantric masseuse. Once you’ve got the hang of it, Secret Tantric is a great place to start the hunt as they offer many erotic jobs and adult work in London.


Now, let’s get started. You should create a relaxing and comfortable environment for your partner when you give them an intimate massage. It helps to turn off the television or cell phones to set the right mood. To set the mood and make it more enjoyable, you can also play soothing music. Full consent is of the utmost importance when it comes to sensual massage. This can be accomplished with an open and honest conversation between you and your partner.

Begin by massaging your partner’s shoulders with your fingertips. Next, move up and massaging the muscles between your shoulder blades. Once you have finished this area, move your hands toward each other and massage the back of the neck and shoulders. Repeat this massage motion 3 times on each side. Your partner will feel the massage as you work on the different parts of the body. Lastly, you can use your fingers to massage the arms and legs.

To begin your intimate massage, start from the shoulders. Many people have tension in their necks and shoulders. These areas can be relieved by a few kneading strokes. A good massage can also help to relax the upper body. Start at the top if your partner has tight shoulders. This will allow you to give a more intimate massage and increase your intimacy. If you and your partner are not comfortable giving each other massages at the same time, you can always try giving one another a massage.


When giving your partner an intimate massage, you must remember to gauge your partners’ level of satisfaction. Start by asking your partner if they prefer more pressure or if a relaxing massage is what they prefer. You can gauge their satisfaction and build their confidence by asking questions before you give a massage. It will help you improve your technique. The tips in this article will help you master the art of erotic massage.

Begin by massaging your partner’s neck and shoulders. Begin by moving up toward the spine. Next, use your fingers to massage the muscle there. Use your fingers to gently massage the muscles around knots. These steps should be repeated three times. You may also want to use your partner’s body weight to put pressure on certain areas. These tips will help you give your partner a loving, intimate massage.

A great massage begins gently and gradually builds to a climax. Also, make sure you end the massage gently. Remember that massage is a two-way conversation. Pay attention to your partner’s body language. Use cues to determine how much pressure is too high. It’s important to use a variety of tools to give your partner the most pleasurable experience possible.


Different strokes can be used in intimate massage techniques. A circular stroke, for example, is used to relax the muscles and release tension. Use it on the legs, buttocks, and thighs. Apply firm pressure in a circular motion with your fingertips and palm. Lightly massage areas using your thumbs and fingertips. Make sure to use different levels of pressure so your partner feels every tingle.

Try to avoid touching the genital area during this massage. You will need to ask your partner to turn around while giving the massage so you can learn what feels good for them. The most important tip is to be gentle, but firm. Start the massage from the chest, shoulders, and back, then move to the erogenous areas. The massage can be continued for approximately five to seven minutes.

Once you have learned the correct technique, you can use other tools and implements to massage your partner. To massage your partner’s muscles, you can also use a rolling pin and a bottle massage oil. However, these tools may be less sensual than your hands and can be cold, so try to avoid using them during massage. A sensual massage should be enjoyed as a source of pleasure and not as a prologue for sex.


Intimate massages can help you create an even deeper connection with your partner. You can learn new techniques and linger in the areas that your partner enjoys. Massage is a two-way conversation, so you should pay attention to your partner’s body language, as well as any feedback he or she may have. Here are some tips to give an intimate massage:

– Pay attention to the upper and lower backs, as well the erogenous areas. Light touches and lingering knots are good ways to work up the body. The goal is to increase sexual tension and arousal. Your partner can also give feedback on massages. This will help you to improve your technique. And make sure you avoid pulling or squeezing joints.

Start at the scapula. This bone is very sensitive and the muscles surrounding it are also extremely important. Start at the base of your partner’s body and work your way up. It will be much more intimate if you know your partner’s preferences. You can make sure you give your partner the most intimate massage possible. But remember to use discretion, as your partner might not like a massage at all.


Give your partner an intimate massage by asking them what they want. Professional massage therapists will ask their partners what they would like to do when massaging them. For instance, you may want to avoid certain parts of their body. However, you should pay attention to your partner’s body cues and know how to give them the most enjoyable experience possible. We will discuss how to give a great massage in the next paragraphs.

It is a sexual exchange, so it is important to remember that intimate massages are not just for men. Intimacy can fade away as you become more familiar with each other. So, you should give your partner something new every now and then to reinvigorate it. Try different massage techniques to understand what your partner needs from you. Although there are no rules that can define a successful intimate massage, expert tips and techniques can help you create the best massage experience.

While giving an intimate massage, don’t forget to remember your partner’s hands. This is a crucial part of the intimacy process. When you give a massage, you are allowing your partner to explore the erogenous zone of their body. Moreover, this massage will help your partner release stress, improve their mood, and increase their libido.


While giving your partner an intimate massage, keep in mind that you should always communicate. Discuss your expectations before you begin and how intimate you want to be. If you want to surprise your partner, purchase some massage oils and surprise them. If you’ve never given a massage before, here are some tips to give your partner a great massage. It may surprise you how much your partner enjoys it.

Use nonverbal cues to communicate what you are doing. Listen for body language and ask your partner where they’d like to be massaged. If they sound content or relaxed, they might make a low-pitched moan. If they’re uncomfortable, they’ll hold their breath, move away, or give a stilted groan. Keeping communication open will ensure that your massage is a success.

Be relaxed. Your partner should be comfortable with you. Relax and concentrate on your breathing during the massage. Remember that you’re exchanging energy, so you shouldn’t rush things. Remember to keep communication open, whether it’s about how much pressure or what type of pressure feels best. By chatting about what you want to achieve with your massage, you’ll build a stronger bond with your partner.

Be sure to stay warm. This will be appreciated by your partner. Set up a warm area and avoid using too many candles. Warm showers or baths are a great idea to help your partner relax. Also, be sure to lay out the supplies before giving your partner an intimate massage. Try to avoid making eye contact with your partner while you give them an intimate massage. And remember to KEEP COMMUNICATION when giving your partner an intimate massage