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Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or not, you’ve probably heard of the benefits that massage has to offer. Massage is more than just an enjoyable experience; it can also be very beneficial for your physical and mental health, as well as your life outside of the therapeutic room.

One of the many benefits of massage is its ability to reduce stress and tension, stress can cause muscular tension and discomfort in your body, which is what causes pain and discomfort when you’re tense. In other words, massages relax muscles so that they no longer hurt when you exert them against the pressure of other muscles or objects which means that you won’t be hurting yourself anymore when you tense up during stressful moments in your life. But how does regular massage relieve tension? Read on to learn more!

 Benefits of Massage

  1. Stress Reduction – Regular massage can help reduce stress levels, when your body feels relaxed, it’s easier to handle life’s ups and downs with less emotional and physical discomfort.
  1. Better Blood Flow – Massage increases blood flow, which means your body receives more oxygen, this is especially helpful if you’re feeling fatigued or stressed because massage increases energy and stamina.
  1. Pain Relief – Massage helps relieve a variety of types of pain, it can reduce muscle tension caused by things like headaches, backaches, and joint pain. It can also promote relaxation.
  1. Increased Immunity – Massage stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps the body fight disease.
  1. Better Digestion – Massage is thought to promote digestive function and cleanse your system.


How to Have a Healing Massage

Finding a Tantric London massage therapist who is skilled with healing techniques can dramatically improve the quality of your massage session. Look for therapists who offer deep tissue, Swedish, or Shiatsu massages, as these types of massages are often used for health purposes. When receiving a healing massage, it’s important to relax completely.

Deep breathing techniques and guided imagery can help to relax your muscles and allow your therapist to perform a more therapeutic massage, you can also ask your massage therapist to lighten the pressure during your session.

Light massage is gentler, so it can help reduce pain and fatigue while still promoting relaxation, when trying a new therapist, ask if they offer healing massages, if so, ask your therapist what types of healing techniques they use.

Ask your therapist if they offer discounts or other perks, such as free massages for veterans or discounted massages for children.


4 Ways to Reduce Afternoon Stress

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or anxious all day, there are ways to reduce your stress before it even starts.

  • Tune Out – The best way to tune out annoying thoughts and focus on a positive vision is to meditate. There are countless guided imagery apps for smartphones that can help you to achieve this.
  • Breathe – Deep breathing exercises can help you to relax and focus on a positive vision. You can also practice diaphragmatic breathing, which involves breathing in between your abdomen and chest muscles.
  • Eat Something Healthy – De-stressing doesn’t mean that you should skip meals; it just means that you should make sure that your meals are healthy, whole foods that are low in sugar and fat.
  • Talk to Your Friends – Talking to friends and family members can help you to de-stress and prevent you from becoming too isolated.