Fashion wedding hair combs have stormed the bridal beauty pages of 2018, except for those want to create a lot of refined nod to the trend, there is nothing prettier than a true inflorescence comb to complete a bride’s look.but how to make a beautiful wedding hair combs?Let me share it to you step by step;

How to find flexible wedding hair combs updo hairstyle

Make wedding hair comb ingredients just only $23

4 mm pearl beads

6 mm pearl beads

4 mm crystal beads

6 mm crystal beads:

White flower with wire

Wire comb

Step 1:Cut approx 20 inches wire, notice the centre and make a loop by fitting your spherical nose pliers and making variety of twists.

Step 2:Add a pearl and place in position on the wire in order that you have got enough length

Step 3:Keep bending and twisting till you’re pleased with the planning of your “vine”.after made three flower pearl

Step 4:Take flower pearl on combs two side securely

Step 5:After created the hair pear and flower,take flower chip on combs centre position firmly.

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Thank you for your watch,if you have more and more advice,hope give me response on following or share on it.