There’s more than one way to remember and honour the memories of a loved one who has already passed away. While some invest in lavish memorials, others opt to turn ashes into rings or ashes into jewellery and have keepsakes that can be worn and be easily brought from one place to another.

But compared with other accessories, the sort that has been converted from ashes to jewellery UK is more special and personal — and this only means that it has to be carefully selected.

Types of cremation jewellery

Pendants. A common product of turning ashes into jewellery is the versatile pendant. With this, you have the option to wear it on your necklace or simply keep it in your pocket or a purse. It comes in different design and you can also choose if you want the interior compartment to be transparent or not.

Rings. Converting ashes into rings is also a typical choice among people who want to remember their loved ones through cremation jewellery. Wearable by both men and women, a cremation ring can also be engraved with a special message to further make the keepsake personalised.

Bracelets. Available in different styles, cremation bracelets can look modern and trendy or traditional and elegant. They can be a simple leather band or an intricately done stainless steel bracelet.

Earrings. For ladies, another choice for a cremation accessory is a pair of earrings. Like the previous types, this jewellery features a compartment that can hold the ashes of your loved one. With a range of styles to choose from, you can use this one especially during important occasions of remembering someone who’s already passed away.

Tips on choosing your cremation jewellery

Take these things into account before buying bespoke or made-to-order jewellery:

Budget. Depending on the type, style, and design of the ashes to jewellery UK, you would need to prepare a certain amount of money you’re willing to spend on this special keepsake.

Shop. Whether you’re buying online or looking for a shop that you can personally visit, it is a must to do prior research. Check out if the shop and their craftsmen have a good reputation and look for reviews and recommendations.

Type. Based on your preference and lifestyle, decide which type/s of jewellery would you want to have. Do you only want a simple pendant? Or do you want a bracelet that matches with a ring and a pair of earrings? After settling down, don’t forget to take your proper measurement and shop for the accessories accordingly.

Other options

Apart from turning ashes into rings or ashes into jewellery, people still have other options with regards to memorialising the life of their loved ones. One popular choice is by requesting for personalised photo engraved pendants. What can be engraved can also go beyond just photos; there are businesses that offer to replicate even handprints or footprints in a special pendant that may or may not have an internal urn.

Another choice is by converting ashes into glass (e.g. Decorative pieces, memorial bowls). This appeals to people who don’t find it comfortable to turn ashes into accessories that might be misplaced, no matter how careful a person is.

Whether for your or a grieving loved one, celebrate the life the dearly departed by turning ashes into jewellery. Footprints & Whispers is among the trusted makers of ashes to jewellery uk UK.