Basalt is designed to improve blood circulation, oxygenate the skin and nourish the body. Marble refreshes and cools. During the procedure, the masseur arranges the stones in accordance with the chakras map, i.e. energy flow points, originating from Chinese and Indian medicine. They are located, among others along the spine, between the fingers and on the face. Then there are massages for the body with basalt, marble and oils. The massage is very pleasant and relaxing. During it, the body rests and gets rid of toxins. The procedure lasts about 1.5-2 hours and costs about 120-250 dollar. Thanks to this gentle therapy, the respiratory circulation increases, the blood and lymphatic circulation is improved, the body is toned and sleep will become calmer and calmer. Not to mention, its positive effects on the mind, it fights the stress of everyday life, fights anxiety and lets you live moments of pleasure, relaxation and relief.

What is the price of Thai massage and Shiatsu?

A special type of this type of treatment is traditional Thai massage, which can be called a real ritual. He comes from Ayurvedic medicine, draws from yoga, acupressure, reflexology, stretching, knowledge of chakras and meditation. It is considered a deep, intense massage, but also affects the body, mind and mood at the same time. It is based on movements that compress subsequent parts of the body, followed by stretching. The massage is performed without the use of oils and other greasing cosmetics. It differs from others also in the fact that a special massage table is not used, but the mat is placed on the mattress. Thanks to this, the masseur can use not only the strength of his hands, but also feet. A full Thai massage lasts one or two hours and can cost from around 130 to even 280 dollar. At the StromSpa quebec city spa you can find the best massage now.

Thai massage price, indications

The technique of oppression is also used during shiatsu massage, which originates in ancient China and Japan. It is called needle-free acupuncture and point massage. It consists in compressing subsequent parts of the body in which energy flow points are located. The masseur uses the pressure of his hands, fingers, elbows and feet. As with Thai surgery, no oils are used. The correct touch is quite strong, but not unpleasant. It relaxes tense muscles and adds energy. You will pay around 150-180 dollar for an hour shiatsu massage, and around 250-280 dollar for a two-hour massage.

Massage – contraindications

Poorly performed massage can hurt, so you should always use the services of specialists and check whether there are contraindications to this type of treatment. During the initial interview you should be asked about diseases that may prevent you from having a massage. Give up if you have elevated temperature, inflammation, myositis, osteoporosis or skin diseases. Massaging is also not recommended if you have hypertension, cancer, peptic ulcer disease, heart disease, inflammation of the intestines and pancreas, kidney and gallstones. Women should not use this type of treatment during menstruation and during pregnancy. If in doubt, ask your doctor or experienced masseur.